How do i make my twitter private?

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  • E۫۰۪V۫۰۪I۫۰۪L۫۰ A۫۰۪N۫۰۪G۫۰۪E۫۰۪L۫۰™ⒶⓇⒸ

    Follow These Steps: 1 Log in to your Twitter account. Enter your Twitter username or e-mail address, and password on the Twitter homepage to reach your profile page. 2. Select “Settings” to modify your account. “Settings” is the fourth option on the right at the top of your Twitter profile page. Select it to go to your account management page. 3. Check the “Protect my updates” check box. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find this check box. It is the last feature and section of your account page. 4. Select “Save.” This confirms your changes until you decide Thurs un-check the box. Anyone who sees your profile will now see a large “lock” image Indicating That your updates are protected. 5. Approve your followers. You will receive an e-mail notification When someone wants to follow you and will need Thurs APPROVe Them so they can join your “Following” list. ^ _ ^

  • agello24

    twitter is public. making it private is Defeating the purpose.

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